Books for mystery lovers

Crum Creek Press / The Mystery Company is an independent publishing company owned and operated by Jim Huang. Since 2000, our titles have won two Agatha Awards, three Anthony Awards, one Benjamin Franklin Award and two Macavity Awards. Our books have also been nominated for the Dilys and the Shamus Awards, and one more Agatha and Macavity.

Maggie Ryan mysteries by P.M. Carlson

Owen Keane mysteries by Terence Faherty

Lately, we've been publishing two series that are at the heart of what we believe mysteries are all about. Terence Faherty's Owen Keane series and P.M. Carlson's Maggie Ryan novels are intelligent and endearing,  books that you walk into bookstores hoping to discover.  Maggie Ryan has an amazing ability to make folks around her better people.  Owen Keane is driven to answer life's larger questions, seeking answers through methods he's learned from the detective stories he cherishes.  Maggie succeeds more than she fails.  Owen fails more than he succeeds.  (Or does he?)  Both Faherty and Carlson leave you with lots to think about.  These aren't just great reads.  These elegant whodunits and fascinating characters leave you feeling good about the genre itself.