Stalking Death by Kate Flora


Stalking Death by Kate Flora


A Thea Kozak Mystery

On a New Hampshire boarding school campus, a student says she's being stalked. Consultant Thea Kozak is called in to help with PR, but she launches an investigation when she realizes that the administration isn't taking the student seriously.

Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-932325-12-6 | 2009 | $15.00

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"The seventh Thea Kozak mystery finds the crisis counselor traveling to a New Hampshire private school, where a student claims she is being stalked. But Thea soon finds this is no ordinary case: the alleged victim, a basketball player, is physically imposing, with a sharp temper and all the appearance of being able to defend herself if need be; the alleged stalker seems to be a pillar of the community; and the school’s headmaster seems irrationally and suspiciously convinced that the student’s claim is bogus. When Thea uncovers some of the school’s most tightly guarded secrets, she begins to understand that solving this case has the potential to unleash more violent reactions. The Kozak novels are always smart and satisfying, and Thea is a bright, strong-willed, sharp-tongued protagonist who never fails to entertain."

-- Booklist


Kate Flora was raised on a chicken farm in Maine. She left the rural life behind for college and law school, returned to Maine to practice law, and eventually ended up a lawyer in Concord, Massachusetts. She has since abandoned the law to write full-time but has never given up her curiosity about what motivates bad behavior. When she isn’t writing, she’s teaching writing or trying to coax reluctant perennials to behave. She is the current international president of Sisters in Crime. She and her husband, Ken Cohen, have two sons. They now divide their time between Concord and Bailey Island, Maine.

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